Town Web provides you with a White Glove Experience for your Municipal Website

Town Web provide a "white glove" service to you as our customer

Get a new Municipal Web Site and we'll provide you with  "white glove" service & support

You will get all the things that other web agencies never think of providing.


What is "White Glove Service"?

We focus on you, our municipal clerk customer. We are different from a typical agency. And for you, that's a very good thing.

A typical agency focuses their energy on winning new clients, launching those sites, and then going back to winning another new client. The focus at Town Web is to have a long-term relationship with you, the municipality.

In order to keep and maintain a long-term relationship, we focus on providing a white glove service. This means we do all the handholding and personal touches that you wouldn’t expect from a typical agency...from after sales service, to project design, to launch, to customer training, to the long-term support & maintenance contract.

It would be the last website your municipality would need. 

Imaging buying a car with bumper-to-bumper warranty. A typical agency would wait for you to come in for service. But at Town Web, we are different and we do much more. We will proactively "change your oil" on schedule without you needing to ask us.

Plus, we will do other services and task as part of our preventative maintenance service system and support. For example, your website "engine" will automatically be upgraded whenever we make improvements or roll out bug fixes. All without you needing to ask. These are things that a typical web agency will not do.

Plus, whenever you need technical support or have a question, we are always reachable. Our support staff is working 24x7 to help you out!

You'll get  more than a municipal website, you'll get a "Communication Platform"

Post in one place and inform your residents in many!

It's a municipal web solution that saves you time.

You get a solution that was built from the ground up for Municipal Clerks, Treasurers, and other Municipal Staff members. You don't need to know how to code. It's all "point & click".

We've spent 12+ years improving this solution to keep it current with changing technology and changing needs of our municipal customers.

When you post something to the site, it can post immediately and automatically to other places:

  1. To your homepage
  2. As a text message to your website subscribers
  3. As an email message to your website subscribers
  4. To your municipal Facebook page (if you have one)

We've spent the last 12 years improving the way that municipal clerks communicate with their residents. And it's only getting better!

How to Convince the "Bean Counter" that getting a new site is the right move 

"I'm the 'Bean Counter' and I'm worried about unexpected costs and things like that."

You know you want a new website, but you also need to convince the "Bean Counter", aka, the Accountant or Treasurer in your office. Here are some thing that you can tell them.

You get fixed pricing for the web site build. The price we quote is the price you pay, nothing more! There are no hidden or surprise fees, and no overage charges.

24/7 support is included with the hosting and maintenance contract. The support we give you is “all you can eat”. You don’t pay a “Per Incident” or get charged hourly like you do with other companies because support is included.

Additionally, new customers can save money by signing a three-year hosting & maintenance contract. This saves a chunk of money off the set-up cost, which keeps your costs down.

Your annual fees are fixed for at least three years with Town Web. Plus there are no extra charges for adding more pages or more content to your site. And mind you, support is free, so there is no cost to call or email us when you have a question.

And best of all, selecting Town Web would mean you'd be selecting a vendor who will give you the "last website you'll ever need." Town Web provides you with a new municipal web design every three years, which means you pay once for a website and know that every third year you get something new, refreshing and up-to-date.

How to Convince the "Techie" that you're picking the right company 

"I'm the "techie" of a town. Give me the all the specs and details."

You get unmetered disk space. You get unmetered bandwidth for your site. You get unlimited pages and menu items.  

Each and every evening your site is backed up. A copy of it is stored off-site on Amazon S3. The copies are stored indefinitely.

Your site also comes with SSL Security, plus we monitor user logins to help prevent hacking from unauthorized personnel. Not only that, but we guarantee a 99.9% uptime with your hosting.

We proactively manage and maintain the software and code libraries on your site so that it stays current, stable and secure. In the event of a total disaster (knock on wood), we can restore your site from a backup on the same day. All these things are included at no extra charge to you.

Last but not least, Town Web provides you with a free web design every three years. This means you'll be getting a new website redesign by selecting Town Web as your website vendor.

How to Convince the "Attorney" that everything will be great with a new site

"I'm an Attorney and I don't want the town to incur any extra risk with a new website."

Our sites are designed to be 508 Compliant, which allows people with various disabilities to access your website’s content.

Your municipality would be working with a municipal web design agency that has been in business since 2007 and which currently services over 500 other municipal customers. You'll be in good hands because there are staff members who are dedicated toward web site hosting, website security, and separate teams for providing customer support, billing and project management.  

Town Web will also manage & maintain your municipal domain name. We do this as a benefit of your municipality and for the convenience since we give you full support. The ownership of the domain name always stays with your municipality.

Your municipality always retains ownership of the website content, files and graphics. Should your municipality request to terminate your relationship with us, you get to keep your website apart from our proprietary plugins or other software that we have licensed from third-party vendors. (In those cases, you would need to purchase software licenses separately from the various vendors directly.)

Get a no-cost website redesign every three years!

Your residents, tourists and visitors will never say your website looks outdated, and your municipality will enjoy that benefit for as long as you stay with us. As far as we know, Town Web is the only municipal web design, hosting and support company that we know of who provides you with a new, no-cost website redesign every three years. It is included as part of your hosting/maintenance contract with Town Web and the main reason why it would be the "last municipal website" you'll ever need.

You will get 24x7 monitoring, technical and security updates and performance optimizations

Your site is protected against accidental or malicious data loss. Your site runs fast, no matter what time of day, and no matter how popular you are.

What you might not expect, however, is that as a Town Web customer, you can rely on us for help with anything related to your website. You can contact us by phone, by email, or even live chat, directly through our website, or on Facebook Messenger.

You can request us to perform any updates to your site, like posting a file or notice to your homepage, having us edit a page, or having us train you to edit the site on your own. You get 24/7 technical support from our team. That saves you valuable time -- and money.

If you do not have a municipal website yet, now is the time to get one. We are offering a compelling discount this month only for towns that would like to get a new website online. And if you already have a site and want to switch to Town Web from another provider, we’ll extend the same offer to your municipality.

You'll work with a website vendor whose solution is Clerk-tested, Board-approved

Over 500 other town boards currently work with Town Web as their approved web design, hosting and support vendor. Town Web was exclusively endorsed by the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) in 2011. I think you’ll agree that a website built by Town Web represents a sound investment in quality, performance and dependability.

Board members choose Town Web because the price is affordable and our terms are easy to budget for. We have over 12 years of experience building sites for over 500 other small towns just like yours, so town boards naturally view Town Web as a low risk, highly experienced municipal web technology partner.

A decade ago over 80 town boards selected Town Web as their website provider. Now in 2019, they still consider that a great decision. Each town continues to enjoy an easy to use website at a predictable and affordable cost.

Over 80 Towns in the US have been Continuous Customers for Over 10 Years

Barron County

  • Town of Bear Lake
  • Town of Prairie Lake
  • Town of Rice Lake

Brown County

  • Town of New Denmark

Buffalo County

  • Town of Milton

Burnett County

  • Town of Anderson
  • Town of Jackson
  • Town of Oakland

Calumet County

  • Town of Brillion
  • Town of Rantoul

Chippewa County

  • Town of Eagle Point
  • Town of Wheaton

Clark County

  • Town of Loyal

Dane County

  • Town of Montrose

Dodge County

  • Town of Fox Lake
  • Town of Herman
  • Town of Hubbard
  • Town of Lebanon
  • Town of Lowell
  • Town of Theresa

Door County

  • Town of Jacksonport
  • Town of Sevastopol

Douglas County

  • Town of Highland
  • Town of Maple

Dunn County

  • Town of New Haven

Eau Claire County

  • Town of Pleasant Valley
  • Town of Seymour
  • Town of Washington

Fond du Lac County

  • Town of Ashford
  • Town of Calumet
  • Town of Fond du Lac
  • Town of Lamartine
  • Town of Ripon

Green County

  • Town of Decatur
  • Town of Exeter
  • Town of Mt. Pleasant

Green Lake County

  • Town of Brooklyn

Iowa County

  • Town of Dodgeville
  • Town of Ridgeway

Iron County

  • Town of Mercer

Jackson County

  • Town of Garfield

Jefferson County

  • Town of Lake Mills

Kewaunee County

  • Town of Carlton

Langlade County

  • Town of Upham

Manitowoc County

  • Town of Cooperstown
  • Town of Liberty
  • Town of Schleswig

Marathon County

  • Town of Weston

Marinette County

  • Town of Grover
  • Town of Middle Inlet
  • Town of Pound

Outagamie County

  • Town of Cicero

Ozaukee County

  • Town of Grafton

Polk County

  • Town of Apple River

Rock County

  • Town of Janesville
  • Town of Milton
  • Town of Plymouth

Rusk County

  • Town of Stubbs

Sauk County

  • Town of Dellona
  • Town of Greenfield
  • Town of Woodland

Sawyer County

  • Town of Winter

Shawano County

  • Town of Grant

St. Croix County

  • Town of Erin Prairie
  • Town of Richmond

Vernon County

  • Town of Forest

Vilas County

  • Town of Boulder Junction
  • Town of Conover
  • Town of Lincoln

Walworth County

  • Town of East Troy
  • Town of Geneva

Washburn County

  • Town of Casey
  • Town of Madge

Washington County

  • Town of Kewaskum

Winnebago County

  • Town of Neenah
  • Town of Poygan
  • Town of Utica

Wood County

  • Town of Lincoln
  • Town of Seneca
  • Town of Sherry

Municipal Clerks Love Town Web Because They Get 24/7 Support

Clerks love having us as their website provider because they can rely on us for anything related to their website. All it takes is a call, email or chat message (including Facebook Messenger) and we can post or edit something on their page for no additional costs. We are the only web design company in Wisconsin that provides free 24/7 support for municipal customers.

We resolve many issues as quickly as possible and most issues are resolved by the end of each 8-hour shift.

If you are a clerk, you will receive free one-on-one training so that you are empowered to make updates on your own. Clerks who find themselves busy and tied up with other things can just email us a request. We are happy to post it to the website on their behalf, which is included for no extra charge.

Our support is like an “all-you-can-eat buffet.” You get as much as you want for a fixed fee with no surprises and without extra billing.

Our goal at Town Web is to make sure that the Clerk can do their job fast and efficiently.

website launch

How We Design Your Site: We Meet with You Face to Face

All new customers get to meet with your dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager in a Face to Face meeting over Zoom, our easy to use video conferencing service.

There are two main meetings.

Meeting #1: Onboarding:

We work with you to find the design, style, content and layout you want to have for your site.

After we have 90% of your site’s content, we immediate start to build out the design of your new site. We create new graphics based on the design brief of that meeting. And of course, we start adding over all the content to the new site and organize it in a way that is based on the needs of residents.

Site reveal: about 3-7 business days from your Onboarding Meeting, we send you a link to a staged version of your website. We ask you to check out the new site design, take notes about any changes you want to see, and to book another face to face meeting in our shared online calendar.

Meeting #2: Punch list:

During this meeting we will gather any needed changes or edits required in order to make your new site live.

With these two face to face meetings, we can typically have your site launched within two weeks!

You Will Get Your New Site Launched in Two Weeks

We understand that town board members and town clerks are busy. Busy with elections. Busy with tax payments. Busy with the day-to-day community management. This is why we built an efficient, caring process to make designing and launching your new municipal website a pleasant, successful collaboration.

We can work efficiently with you because we only work on websites for municipalities. We don’t take on commercial websites. We are specialists in municipal web design, which means that within as little as two weeks, we can provide your town with a really great looking website at an affordable price.

[Expires Monday, February 18th]
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