TownCMS v5 now has a new Events Calendar

One thing we provide to all customers on the latest version of our Municipal Web Design Platform (TownCMS v5) is free updates and feature enhancements. Everybody gets this, automatically…but only if you’re on TownCMS v5.

In the past month (September 2018) we rolled out a free update to all customers, which is a bit improvement to the legacy Events Calendar.

What is the Events Calendar?

The Events Calendar is a core feature in any municipal website. It’s the place where the public can see in a visual way what events are coming up in your municipality.

Upcoming Events on the Homepage

Typically on the homepage it will show the next several upcoming events, like we do for the Village of Sebring, Ohio:

Showing the Events on a Homepage

The homepage will show Titles of the upcoming events, with the Start and End Dates/Times, along with a Description of each event. The homepage also shows a mini-calendar with dates highlighted when there are events. Your residents can mouse-over the highlighted dates to see more details of the events.

Website Calendar

Every municipal website should have a visual calendar view of the events, and each municipal site we design gets this included as part of the design.  It offers the residents a quick and easy way to see what events are happening in the municipality in a nice and convenient way:

Monthly calendar view showing highlighted events

Additional Calendar Features

At Town Web, we go a step further and incorporate posted Agendas on the calendar page. This way your residents can view when the next upcoming meetings are and also have a one-click method to read the meeting agenda for each meeting. This integration is already created and no additional steps need to take place for the meeting agendas to be embedded in your calendar.

New Feature Enhancements

We are focused primarily on providing an optimal experience for our end-users when they login and post to their municipal website. In the prior months we had several support request to help fix things happening with the recurring events.

To solve this problem, we researched new ways to create the Events Calendar for our municipal customers. After extensive research and testing, we rolled out this new version to all municipal customers during the month of August and September. Here is a bulleted list of the new feature enhancements:

  • Highly optimized engine for generating recurring events. This means that recurring events will be displayed correctly regardless of the server ‘s configuration, the Administrator’s timezone, or the end-user’s computer timezone.
  • The Events Calendar is highly maintained and will get updated about twice every month, which means it is kept current, well maintained and secure.
  • Highly customizable. This means our developers can more easily make adjustments to the look and design
  • We can also add additional and custom functionality to the Events Calendar, including accepting payments for events, submitting requests for reservations to a calendar, allow for online registration for an event