Use the New Dashboard if you’re using TownCMS v5 – It’s so EASY!

Are you on the latest version of TownCMS v5? If so, are you using the new Dashboard at

If not, I really suggest checking out the new Dashboard because it was built to “Make the Clerk’s Life Easier”, which is our motto.

We custom built the it to make it super duper simple when you want upload Minutes and Agendas to your site and to make any edits.

TownWeb Dashboard for Administering the Admin Section

Click Here to Log Into The New Dashboard

We actually launched the Dashboard in early 2017. In the past two weeks I’ve been calling up clerks who filled out our survey and who gave us a rating less than a nine out of 10 and found something quite interesting for those who are on TownCMS v5:

“Most Clerks are Not Updating their Site Using the New Dashboard”

This was very revealing to me and it simply means I did not do a good enough job communicating with each town about switching over from the old way to the new version. We did post some blog posts and emails about it, but we needed to be more direct about it.

For your reference, here are a couple blog posts about it:

Click Here to Log Into The New Dashboard

So now, to make it super-duper clear, it’s recommended to use the new Admin area for making site updates:

  • It was built specifically from the ground up for Clerks
  • It allows you to do 99% of what you need to do by clicking on one of four main buttons
  • It was made to be very intuitive and clear to do exactly what you need to do, like Uploading Minutes & Agendas, Adding Events, Posting Notices, and Editing Pages

New Support Widget for Live Chat

Another thing that we have been testing for the past couple of weeks is providing Live Chat. The purpose is to improve customers support in a unique way that allows us to help you with a problem the moment you encounter difficulty.

How to Chat with Us?

If you’re on TownCMS v5 and using the new Dashboard (, you will see the Chat Widget on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Just click on it to open up a conversation with us. In this way, we will be switching from handling “Support Tickets” and will instead be doing “Support Conversations”. This should make for an even better user-experience for our municipal customers.

No longer will you need to send us a formal support email. You can instead just type your question in the Chat Widget that pops up.

Also, you might find it more helpful to use the Live Chat than even calling us on the phone.

Let us know how are we doing!

As always, we appreciate the feedback we get from you! If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to write us at [email protected]