PDF Manuals Now Online and Downloadable!

With PDF manuals, it is our goal to help all municipal clerks confidently and autonomously update their websites for maximum convenience. Many of our customers are already on the latest version of our software (TownCMS). Those that are on v5 have access to all the latest features and additions.

One of the features that municipal customers asked for was having downloadable PDFs for topics in the User Manuals. They are now available within the Admin section for those who are on TownCMS v5.

For the longest time we eschewed PDF manuals. Our goal was to keep the back-end Admin area as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Besides, we always offer free support and allows our municipal customer. Also, those who want refresher training can book a free session of online training with one of our staff members.

Due to a healthy number of customers asking for something downloadable, we thought we would publish a small series of single-topic PDF manuals. While our Admin section is still the easiest to use in the municipal web design industry, we do think these PDF manuals will be helpful to those clerks who want a hard copy.

Topics for the PDF Manuals

Here is a list of topics that are already ready:

  • How to Add a New Event
  • How to Add a New Notice
  • How to add an Agenda to the Agendas & Minutes page
  • How to add Minutes to the Agendas & Minutes page
  • How to Change Color for a Category of Events

Where to Find Your PDF Manuals

If you are already using the latest version of our software (TownCMS v5), you can find the PDFs of the manuals directly under the Dashboard menu in the left-hand corner of the training site.

In addition, your “User Manual” section will auto-populate with new topics as they become available.

PDF User Manual

A View of the PDF Manuals

The PDFs of the User Manual contains a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section where you can find easy-to-follow PDFs, such as “How to add a new event.” If you click on one of the links, you’ll access a helpful PDF like the one below.

The downloadable document guides you through the process step by step. We know some of you prefer to keep paper files, so we’ve made the layout clear and easy to print out for future reference. Also, we have made each step as visually clear and informative as possible. A first-time Admin user could easily follow along. Furthermore, we are certain that other savvy users will find the steps easy enough to follow along without being too elementary.

There are 11 easy steps to adding an event, and you’ll eventually reach this page:

Contracts on PDF Manual

Additionally, in the Basics section underneath the FAQs, you can watch short instructional videos (less than 30 seconds). These deal with useful information about your website’s functionality, such as how to change your password and how to switch between the training website and the live site.

As you can see, using our CMS is actually a piece of cake. If you follow our User Manual and PDFs, you’ll soon be editing your web content like a pro. However, we understand that you may still have questions or concerns, so please get in touch and make use of our free UNLIMITED support.

You can email our dedicated support team at [email protected].

We also have receptionists available for incoming phone calls from 7am – 4pm Central Time from Monday through Friday.
Toll Free: 877-995-TOWN (8696)
Telephone: 920-645-2823

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  1. This is an excellent web information center. Easy to move around, friendly and full of the meat and potatoes of web design and maintenance. You are an answer to my many prayers for helping my small city move smoothly into the current web ocean.
    Thank you is not enough.
    We have put this off for a long time thinking we would need to hire an IT specialist and we do not have the money to follow that path.
    You have made this easy and every encounter positive.

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