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How Town Web Design Thinks of New Features

At Town Web Design, our customers’ user experience is always at the forefront of everything we do.

One of the ways that we ensure that our municipal customers receive the best service possible is through our commitment to the continued development of new features. Our feature development is an ongoing process that allows us to provide town clerks with features that are current and relevant –giving them the tools that will help them to manage their municipality website easier –and more efficiently.

A municipality website’s features should be beneficial as well as easy to use and understand. To ensure that our clients will get the most benefit from a potential feature, we use a process that involves development, assessing, testing, and making any necessary changes or adjustments.

While it’s not too difficult to develop a new feature, the real work is in making sure the feature is user-friendly –and beneficial. To provide our clients with a better understanding on what goes on behind the scenes with our development process, here is a brief overview of how it is done.

Developing New Features

We get many of our ideas for new features from feedback that we receive from our clients. In fact, many of our best ideas come from feedback and requests from our customers.

When a customer suggests an idea for an improvement to us, we will take it into consideration –and see if there is a way to create a feature that will solve the issue, or make life easier for them. For instance, some of the features that we currently offer our customers include a simple to use system for uploading meeting minutes and agendas, as easy-to-use online calendar, and downloadable forms and permits for residents. Each of these popular features was specifically designed to make things easier for town clerks.

Assessing Feedback From Users

One of the most important aspects of the development process is tracking the feature’s success –and assessing feedback from users to determine its viability. Once a new feature has been developed, we will then track how many users are using the feature, and determine whether it may need some additional fine-tuning. Tracking can also provide valuable insight into the feature –such as how quickly it runs and how easy-to-use, and manage it is. We pay close attention to customer feedback as it allows us to determine which changes need to be made, and enables us to perfect our features. Feedback is the backbone of each of our projects; since the users are the ones who will be using the feature –their opinions are extremely important.

Developing the Changes

Finally, once the feedback has been received, we can get to work developing the feature further, or making changes to it. We’re not content with a feature that’s just passable, our goal is features that are helpful, valuable, and simple to use.

Once the feature has been developed, we will want to be sure it will perform as smoothly as possible. While the feedback and adjustment stage may add a bit of time to the development process, we believe that the benefits of this system far outweigh the time that it may take. With our system, once a feature has been fully developed it should be ready to go –enabling our municipal clients to reap the rewards of a seamless and fully-functioning new feature.

For more information on a website for your municipality contact Town Web Design. At Town Web Design, we provide responsive web design for small and medium-sized municipalities. We would be happy answer any questions you have regarding a website for your municipality.

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