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Top Six Ways to Ask for Support

Just because you have a website –doesn’t mean you have to fly solo.

Eventually there will be questions and concerns that arise –simply from having a website. This is why we believe in making customer service a central part of what we offer. At Town Web Design, we believe in open lines of communication between customer and tech support. We offer direct tech support to help you quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that arise. We understand that when there’s an issue, you don’t have time to wait a day –or longer, for the tech support to get back to you.

We also understand that not everyone prefers to use the same method of communication which is why we offer numerous ways to ask for –and receive support.

Here are six ways that you can contact us if you require some additional support.

1. Send an Email

Feel free to email us at: [email protected]. Your email arrives in our ticket queue and will be answered in the order it was received –promptly.

2. Call on the Phone

A simple phone call can get you all the support and help you need. Simply call our toll free number: 877-995-TOWN (8696), or 920-645-2823. You’ll notice that our voice prompt puts “Support: Press One” as the first choice –that is because we are here to support you. Your phone call will go to the support team and will ring whoever is immediately available.

3. Leave a Message

Upon occasion, everyone on the support team will already be on the phone, or busy answering other tickets. We won’t make you wait though –instead, just leave a message. Any voicemail message left for us will get added to the queue, and we will return your call promptly so you don’t have to wait.

4. Use Our Contact Us Form

Our contact us form makes it simple for you to get the support you need. On our website, you will notice there is a separate button for support –hover over the “contact us” button and click the “Request Support” tab to get started right away.

5. Book Time With a Specialist

If you are looking for some additional support –or would like to work with a specialist, be sure to book in a window of time. To schedule in some time, head over to our booking calendar, and click on the picture of the person with whom you wish to speak. Clicking on their picture will display their calendar of availability. You will note that sometimes a couple of us will have free time on the weekends –making it easier for you to book time when it is convenient to you.

6. Schedule Training or Retraining

If you are new to your position with your municipality and have the responsibility of maintaining your web site, just book a time with us to run you through the process. This orientation service is absolutely free. We can help you navigate your way around the tricky parts, and make it simple for you to understand all that your responsibilities include. Need your password reset due to change in personnel? Need a new email address due to a change in personnel? Let us know and we can walk you through the process.

When asking for support, just let us know the nature of the problem, and try to include as much information as possible about the issue. For instance: If you mention that you’re having a problem uploading a PDF file, then please attach the PDF. If you are having problems with a JPG file, then attach the JPG. If you need assistance publishing a notice –send us the notice –no matter what format it’s in. This will help us to see the issue more clearly, allowing us to narrow down the problem faster and enabling us to give you a timely response on how to fix it.

Remember –we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns.

For more information on web design for towns contact Town Web Design. We provide web design for small to medium-sized municipalities and would be happy to create a website that’s designed around your specific needs.

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