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Methods For Smoother Website Service and Support

One of the most important aspects of a professionally-designed website is the service center – virtual, physical, or both. The reason for this is simple: if you didn’t have the time or the knowledge to design the website on your own, then you don’t have the time and knowledge for extensive troubleshooting! Town Website Design is not only here to help you publish an attractive and fully-functional website, we’re here to help you through the teething process and ongoing maintenance as well. If you are in need of some technical assistance, we are always happy to help.

Before getting in touch, here are a few ways to help website support and service run more smoothly:

Help us pinpoint the exact area where you need assistance

Trying to explain a technical issue – or even just a simple user issue – using only words can be a bit long-winded and fruitless. Try to be as specific and detailed as possible, but make the process of requesting help much simpler by copying and pasting the URL of the page in question. For example, if you are having trouble formatting a text block on your calendar page, send the relevant URL with your message. This way, we can use the URL as a starting point and get to the root of the problem more quickly. It’s quick, easy and very helpful!

File uploads gone wrong? Send them our way

It’s reasonable to assume that uploading content to your website will be a regular occurrence. From photos of the local fair to PDF documents with meeting minutes, there are numerous uploads that need to be taken care of for any municipal website. Depending on the type of upload and the specific file type, sometimes these uploads aren’t as straight-forward as you would hope. We know that you don’t have time to fool around with a single photo, album or document for more than a few minutes, so as always we are here to help.

If you wish to have a file uploaded and have trouble, just attach the file to a message and send it to our help center. We can take care of it for you right away.

Submit a support ticket so we can address your issues more quickly

There are several ways to contact any company, and that includes us. If you want your message seen and dealt with quickly and efficiently, however, there’s a specific way to get in touch. The first way is to send a support ticket to [email protected]. This is a designated email account so that every incoming message is automatically treated as a priority.

Alternatively, you can access our support staff directly through our website. Just click on the “Contact Us” tab, then scroll down to the Support Request Form. When you fill out the request form, you’ll be asked to specify which internet browser you use. This is an important piece of information, since different browsers can have a different influence on the way you see and experience web pages.

Always remember that help is just a virtual stone’s throw away! We’re happy to assist with all kinds of problems and inquiries, so get in touch whenever necessary. With good and consistent support, we know that your town web site will be bigger, better and more popular than ever!

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